Nettisivut pintaa syvemmältä: Sijoita säästämiseen

Kuvituksen takana visuaalinen neromme, Mark. Tekstin takana markkinoinnin, myynnin ja viestinnän tekijä, Leeni. Miksi kirjoitamme tästä? Tiimillemme nettisivuprojektit kujeineen ovat jokapäiväistä elämää – näin ei kuitenkaan ole »

Autopsy of a website project: Invest in saving money

Illustration by our graphic genious, Mark. Text by marketing, sales and communication enthusiast Leeni. Why did we write this? Website projects are the core of our »

Helsinki is getting Creative

by Leeni, the Sales and Marketing enthusiast at booncon PIXELS! On Friday, the 29th of August, our team had the pleasure to attend and help out »

Back 2 work

by Antero & Leeni, the Sales and Marketing troopers at booncon PIXELS! Coming back to the office after the holidays can be overwhelming. When is the »

The day we hit 42% mobile visitors

by Leeni Harmainen, Marketing & Sales Padawan, an enthusiastic Design Rookie. Take a look at what we do at booncon PIXELS! Mobile is BIG. As we »

User Experience with a Singaporean twist

For the past month we have learned a bunch of new tricks in the realm of user experience and user interfaces. Why? Because we've had the »